Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother of Pearl (Peacock Mauve)

Made of:  Dyed Mother of Pearl chunks and Freshwater Pearls.
Short necklace with detachable pendant.   

Black Lipped  Shell Pendant  ($10)
Made of:  2 ” Teardrop with 4mm silver and pearl connector loop.
Sea shells were once used as money in many parts of the world… Because of this, they are often associated with money and riches and talismans to bring wealth. They are considered as aids to communication, especially listening and hearing the truth. symbolize "boundless growth" Said to help with decision-making, providing the sensitivity, imagination and insight needed.

8" bracelet or extender  SOLD

Added to the shorter necklace produces this length...
Add a second necklace 25" continuous strung SOLD

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