Guatemalan Jade

My friend Sandy Jensen brought me back a  stash of  beautiful Guatemalan Jade Beads.  She got them right from the factory--Jades, S.A. the largest jade operation in Central America. Certified to be fine Guatemalan Jade, quarried, cut and polished on site by native Guatemalan workers who follow the carving traditions of their ancestors. This is the same jade used by the Maya people for jewelry and tools.  Jadeite is harder and denser than any other jade and possesses a richer, more brilliant range of colors.  It is rarer and more expensive than Nephrite Jade. The color of jadeite in my jewelry may be either “Maya Mint” (cool, lighter green) “Black Forest” ( a deep, rich green, almost black) or “Mint Forest” (a gorgeous combination of dark & lighter greens).  These colors are unique to the quarries in Guatemala.  

This is a piece I designed from genuine stabilized turquoise heishi and gorgeous Mint Forest Jade spheres ranging from 8mm to 20mm. 18" necklace with antique silver clasp.  Regular price $250.  Special for only $150.  Includes handmade gift bag from Guatemala and certification.

This piece is made from 6mm Black Forest Jade and larger Mint Maya. Size= 19”, reg. price $252, reduced to $126

Guatemalan Jade Extraordinaire ~~
Looking for a dramatic statement Jade necklace? Or haven't even thought about it? This one's an unusual beauty. Strung on silk cord. Made of 8mm -16mm Green Forest and Black Forest Guatemalan Jadeite spheres. 12 x 16mm, 26 x 12mm, 6 x 8mm
20.5" with a silver lobster clasp. A necklace of this quality (if it could be found) would be in the $400 price range. Priced at $188.

How about these beautiful 10mm cubes of Mint Forest combined with 4mm silver beads????

Guatemalan & Peace Jade 
Made of: 9 - 7mm - 16 mm Maya Mint spheres, 4mm Peace jade (actually a green & cream jasper) with solid sterling silver toggle swirl clasp. This is a gorgeous, subtle necklace made affordable by interspersing the genuine jade with Peace jade (a type of jasper).

Size: 16 1/2”, reg. price $78, reduced, now only $39
8mm  Mint Forest Jadeite spheres & ovals, 6mm Black Forest spheres, with solid sterling silver 3mm beads.  The centerpiece is 6 piece solid sterling silver wavy fan. The toggle is made of  antiqued Hill Tribe silver, created completely by hand in the remote mountain areas of Thailand.  actual range of 95-99% purity, is softer, has a whiter color and will not tarnish as readily as sterling silver.  Strung on pure silk cord, this is a gorgeous, dramatic one-of-a-kind necklace that makes a statement.  18" $250
This is a necklace advertised online for $399.
Mayan carving from Guatemalan Jade.


Visit this website to learn more about this intriguing Jade.  Contact me if you are interested in finished jewelry or perhaps buying some beads to make your own custom necklace.