Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Boulder Mountain Collection

Are you ready to "Make a Statement" with a necklace? The Boulder Mountain collection includes continuously strung necklaces that slip over the head and are easy to wear.  They may be layered with other necklaces.  They are handcrafted from genuine, beautiful polished semi-precious gemstones.  Each is "one of a kind".    

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Boulder Mountain--Terra Cotta 

 Large Brown-Red Jasper Nuggets, Mookaite, Leopard and Fancy Jaspers, 6-8mm. 23" with Silver plated toggle clasp. Can add a 3D pendant. (Shown is Paintbrush Hexagon, sold separately for $8).
The key word here is “earthy”. Takes you to the Red Rock country of the Southwest. A bold make-a-statement necklace. Become attuned to the earth. intensely protective Promotes relaxation, and contentment, compassion, completion, and organization. Used in stressful situations when it is important to retain one’s own boundaries or when you want to have no outside influence interfering with your energy. 
Priced at only $19

Honey Opal Boulder Mountain

Made of:  Honey Opal  (Not a true opal, but a type of agate)~Large  nuggets and 8mm spheres of Moss Opal and Crazy Lace Agate. Soft and blended shades of gold, gray, cream, caramel and touch of mahogany.

Properties:  Provides for a healthy expression of self confidence, self reliance and self sufficiency. Focuses attention to the present moment. Gives an eye for beauty, expression & concentration, handle change in a positive way, discover hidden talents. 

Price:  28”  continuously strung, now only $32.

Pink Silver Leaf
Large nuggets of “Pink Opal” (not a true opal, but an agate) interspersed with  8 mm Silver Leaf Jasper.  Here we have pinks, grays, cream and a touch of dark charcoal gray.
Extremely protective, especially around water and during water travel. Generosity, stability, supportive, reassuring, helpful. Awareness, common sense. Assists in all dispersion -- of dissension  congestion, crowds, overloaded schedules. Enhances generosity, responsiveness. Increase mental stability. Supreme nurturer. Considered a sacred shamanic stone in Native American “old ways.

 Price:   Continuously strung 27”, now only $32


Eagle Eye

Close up of Pietersite
Looking for a gorgeous, “make a statement” necklace with amazing mystical properties? This one is made of Pietersite, which is also known as Eagle Eye, Tempest Stone or Tiger Opal. It is alive with sweeping patterns of chatoyant blue, red & gold on radiant black and deep brown. Swirls of tiger eye folded in quartz. Large pebbles of Pietersite interspersed with tiny pebbles of Tiger Eye, Poppy Jasper, Petrified Wood Agate. 
25" continuously strung, regular price $50, reduced to $38.
Autumn Jasper

Do you want to “make a statement”? Try this striking necklace made of huge chunks of gorgeous Autumn Jasper and smaller rondells and spheres.  Shades of rust, gray & sage --the colors of autumn, helps us move beyond just surviving.  We're glad to be alive!.  Continuously strung in the Boulder Mountain tradition.  27" Originally $40, now only $25.
Moss Agate

Moss Agate pebbles and 4 - 6mm spheres. 
Properties “Planting & Garden Stone” An abundance stone, gives an eye for beauty, especially during gardening and landscaping. Communicate with nature spirits. Cooling, relaxing, soothing, and quieting--brings forth images of waterfalls and lying in deep moss.
26” continuously strung = originally $25, now $19


Are you seeking peace among "chaos"?  Amethyst is considered a  “stone of peace” -- with gentle sedative energy that promotes peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. Take a look at this one  made of large genuine amethyst nuggets & 4mm spheres.

20" with silvertone lobster clasp…Originally priced at $30, now reduced to $23.
 Acrylic Coated Marble Chunk nuggets & Leopardskin Jasper 6mm spheres.
Properties: Leopardskin shows us our clear path, giving strength to take action gracefully and powerfully. Strengthens our magnetic attraction to people, places and things that would most support who we really are. Strengthens relationship with beneficial objects and forces. Show others our abilities, talents that have served us. 
Price: 28” continuous strung= a bargain necklace at $10

Medium size Green jasper nuggets, Rainforest and Unakite 8-10mm spheres. Deep olive green, camouflage shades. Soft, subtle, earthy grey-green tones. 
Properties: Peace of mind, acceptance of responsibility, patience, prosperity, awareness, balance, stability, listening, communication, spirit of adventure and appreciation of heritage. 

Price: 25” continuously strung, regular price=$28, on special for $22.

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