Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pendants with Connector Loops

The pendants in this group are detachable and reversible. Can be worn with a variety of necklaces.They have one or two connector/attachment loops made generally of 4mm beads.  They can be attached to almost any necklace with stones up to 10 - 12mm depending on the pendant.  They are one-of-a-kind and range in price from $5 to $23 depending on shape and stones.  

 (Click on  any photo for an enlarged view)

Fossil Ammonite & Rutilated Quartz~~Made of: freeform Rutilated Quartz and Intriguing fossil Ammonite; Encased in 18 K White Gold Electroplate filigree. Can be add to any necklace or chain 4mm or smaller.
Said to promote calmness. Ammonite is a stone of protection, insight. Encourages
relaxation & reminder to keep breathing, due to its circular design. Priced at $19.
Shown attached to Mystic Mint Peace necklace (sold separately)

Peach Botswana Agate Pendant~~Lovely agate detachable, reversible pendant in a gorgeous Peach color with two 4mm connector loops, can be attached to a necklace of 10mm or smaller.

Price: $6

Snakeskin Jasper Pendant~~This one's an attractive 5 sided pendant of intriguing Snakeskin Jasper… one-of-a-kind with a 4mm connector loop made of moss agate. Made be attached to any necklace of 14mm or less.
Said to advance a spirit of adventure, general success and prosperity. 
Shown with Forest Mesa necklace (sold separately). Priced at $12.

Brown Lipped  Shell  Jupiter~~
Made of:  2  1/2” Teardrop Trapezoid with  4mm Jupiter Jasper connector loop. Detachable.
Sea shells were once used as money in many parts of the world… Because of this, they are often associated with money and riches and talismans to bring wealth.    Shown with 20"  8mm Wild Horse Mesa (sold separately.)
Price:  $7

Blue Moss Agate Pendant~~
Dark blue gray swirls with visible impurities in shapes that resemble moss. Teardrop Pendant with two connector loops of 4mm dark agate spheres. 2" x 1". Can be attached to almost any necklace. The connector loop opening is 1/2".  This is one of my very favorites and I am not sure I can replace it.  Therefore, I am not anxious to part with it. Does not include necklace.  Priced at $18.
Shown with Desert Lapis Large Nuggets. (sold separately at $28).

Black Lipped  Shell  Antique~~
Made of:  2 ”  Oval  with 4mm antique lace jasper connector loop.
Sea shells were once used as money in many parts of the world… Because of this, they are often associated with money and riches and talismans to bring wealth. They are considered as aids to communication, especially listening and hearing the truth. symbolize "boundless growth" Said to help with decision-making, providing the sensitivity, imagination and insight needed. Shown with "Dark Moon Way" necklace. (sold separately)
Price:  $6

Labradorite Long Teardrop~~intriguing shades of gray stone with iridescence. 2 1/4" x 1 1/4" with 4mm labradorite rondells on a connector loop. Can be attached to almost any necklace or thin scarf as the loop opening is 3/4". Pendant only, $19.
Botswana Agate Pendant Supreme~~Gray, tan, creamy bands. 2" x 1 1/4" with 4mm connector loop with 1/2" opening. Reversible, Detachable, can be attached to almost any necklace, 10mm or smaller.  Pendant only, $18.

Botswana Agate~~This one is 1 7/8 " long with double 4mm connector loops.  Pendant is $18.  

Botswana Agate Small Pendant
Lovely agate found only in Africa. Shades of gray -- translucent with subtle bands and patterns.
1" x 1 3/4" flared bottom oval with 4mm bead connector loop. (1/2" opening)Priced at $8 

Carved Marble Pendant~~ It might be a horse...a leopard or a mythical creature.  4mm bead connector loop of Peace Jade.  Detachable and reversible.  Pendant alone is $10. 

Paua Shell Only found in New Zealand, the most colorful of abalone. The iridescence changes when viewed at different angles.. The Paua shell is considered one of the most powerful of shells. 
Oval pendant 2" x 1 3/8", with agate 4mm connector link (1/2" opening.) The pendant alone is priced at $15.

Rings of Pearls~~Want pearls? Here are genuine pearls in a beautiful, detachable pendant. It has a connector ring made of 4mm Mother of Pearl encircling a ring of 4 x 7mm oval Freshwater pearls and 3 large genuine cultured pearls. No, they're not perfectly round, but are the real deal. May be added to any necklace up to 12mm.  $20.

Tiger Eye pendant~~ Looking for Protection, especially during travel and good luck? Try Tiger Eye. This one's a rounded trapezoid pendant with 4mm bead connector loop. Detachable and reversible. Can be added to any necklace 10mm or less. Priced at $12. 

Turquoise Triple Teardrop Antique Silver~~Genuine, stablilized turquoise.
3 Teardrops, antiqued metallic beads & nuggets with 4mm silver plate & heishi connector. Can be worn on any necklace up to 10mm beads.Price for pendant alone: $8 
Black Lip Teardrop shown with Peacock Mother of Pearl, SOLD

Carnelian Oval and tiny nuggets, SOLD

Kambaba Jasper Pendant~~
(also known as Green Cloud) Oval, 2.5" x 1 7/8" horizontal oval with tiny pebble connector loop. Wear with any necklace up to 12mm.  Pendant only, priced at $9.  
Turquoise Donut with  4mm heishi, $13
Elephant Swirl Pendant carved from bone and dyed in swirls of dark charcoal and wood tones.
With attachment ring of 4mm Jasper & Agate beads. Attaches to necklaces of 12mm or smaller. 
Price for pendant alone, $10
Picasso Jasper, SOLD
Picture Jasper Donut, 4mm ring, $5
Rainforest Jasper Fish~~  1.5" x 2" with tiny pebble connector loop. Can be worn on any necklace with a clasp and 12mm or smaller beads. Deep, olive green with camoflage shades.  Priced at $8. 
Botswana Agate, 4mm loop, $9
Crazy Horse Stone Teardrop, 4mm jasper double loops, Sold
Pietersite with 4mm double connector loops, sold

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