Saturday, February 1, 2014

Serenity's Child Bonding Necklaces

The “Serenity’s Child” bonding necklaces have been created from genuine gemstones. ...designed to be worn by an adult, interesting enough for a baby to play with, attractive enough to be worn on its own, even if you’re not holding a baby! The purpose is to have something that baby can finger and play with while feeding. It comes in a variety of shapes and colors. 
o The cord is comfortable leather knotted with ceramic beads for adjust-ability-- connected with the gemstone circlet by a strong brass swivel hook.  The circlet itself is made with extra strong 30 # fishing line, knotted and super-glued.  I have tested them on rambunctious toddlers pulling and tugging and have not had one break.  The likelihood of breakage is very slim—But,  They ARE NOT DESIGNED AS TOYS FOR TODDLERS OR BABIES TO PLAY WITH, UNATTENDED!
o If you are not satisfied with your necklace for any reason in the first two weeks, return for a refund or another necklace.

They are priced between $25 - $38 depending on the stones used.  The photos shown below are examples.  Most of these have been sold. You can custom order one.  Contact me for a price quote.  Allow 2 weeks for creation.

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Yellowstone Mountain

Butterfly Kisses Light

Butterfly Kisses 

Jungle Safari

Lavender Fields

Liberty Rocks

Thunderbird and Friends

Ten Sleepy Bears

Under The Sea

Wizard Stone